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CONSORTIUM NEWS - Edited by Robert Parry


February 22, 2003

This Police State Brought to You By...

'Texas towns signing up for $1 police cars with ads' (2/01/03 - AP via Southeast Texas Live)

Hundreds of cities in 28 states are signing up for a program that funds police cars and other emergency vehicles by plastering advertising all over them. In return, municipalities pay just $1.00 per vehicle annually for three years.

The program is run by a private company named Government Acquisitions Inc., which began operating last fall. GA says it is "answering the President's call for homeland security" and claims it developed the program "at the direct request of government agencies throughout America."

The president of GA, former candy entrepeneur Ken Allison, refuses to discuss his businesses with the press. GA also will not disclose the names of advertisers participating in the program, nor reveal how many advertising contracts it has signed.

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