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October 20, 2003

With God on Our Side: Gen. Boykin in His Own Words

Quotes from Gen. Boykin speeches (10/15/03 - NBC News)

Following are quotes from recent speeches by Lt. Gen. William Boykin to evangelical church groups, as posted to the NBC News web site. Subliminal News reported in April that Boykin invited hundreds of Baptists ministers to Ft. Bragg for a "military-themed motivational program for Christian evangelists."


[SLIDE SHOW, PICTURE OF OSAMA BIN LADEN] "And then we began to see this face…the face of Osama bin Laden. And finally we said, 'There's the enemy. That's our enemy. That's the man that hates us. And all of those that follow him."

[PICTURE OF PRESIDENT BUSH] "And then this man stepped forward. A man that has acknowledged that he prays in the Oval Office. A man that's in the White House today because of a miracle. You think about how he got in the White House. You think about why he's there today. As Mordecai said to Esther, 'You have been put there for such a time and place.' And this man has been put in the White house to lead our nation in such a time as this.

"But who is that enemy? It's not Osama bin Laden. Our enemy is a spiritual enemy because we are a nation of believers. You go back and look at our history, and you will find that we were founded on faith. Look at what the writers of our Constitution said. We are a nation of believers. We were founded on faith."

[PICTURE OF SATAN] "And the enemy that has come against our nation is a spiritual enemy. His name is Satan. And if you do not believe that Satan is real, you are ignoring the same Bible that tells you about God. Now I'm a warrior. One day I'm going to take off this uniform and I'm still going to be a warrior. And what I'm here to do today is to recruit you to be warriors of God's kingdom."


"And we ask ourselves this question, 'Why do they hate us? Why do they hate us so much?'

"Ladies and gentlemen, the answer to that is because we're a Christian nation, because our foundation and our roots are Judeo-Christian. Did I say Judeo-Christian? Yes. Judeo-Christian.

"That means we've got a commitment to Israel. That mean's it's a commitment we're never going to abandon.

"Go back and read the history books. Go back and read what the early founders of this nation said about Israel, about the Jews. John Adams wrote extensively of, he called it the Hebrews, the contributions they had made to our concepts of liberty and the importance of their contributions to the founding of this great nation.

"Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin each, independently, when asked to come up with a national symbol for this new nation, both came up with a national symbol that reflected on our Jewish heritage.

"One had Moses standing over the Red Sea with his staff and the water parting.

"The other had the Israelites coming out of bondage in the desert being led by a ball of fire. They recognized the importance of our relationship to the Jews and to Israel. Ladies and gentlemen, we will never abandon Israel, we will never walk away from our commitment to Israel because our roots are there.

Our religion came from Judaism, and therefore these radicals will hate us forever."


"There was a man in Mogadishu named Osman Atto. You see him in the movie [Blackhawk Down], smoking a big cigar and talking philosophically. How many of you have seen the movie? Acting like a big shot. Well let me tell you something. That's not what Osman Atto did. The reality was Osman Atto was Aideed's closest ally. He was Aideed's top lieutenant. He was a multimillionaire financier for Aideed's clan. And we knew if that if we could capture Osman Atto and take him away, that we could destroy Aideed's network. So we went after Osman Atto about two weeks before the battle.... We went after Osman Atto. We got into a terrible fight. And I'm sad to say a lot of Somalis were killed as we went after Osman Atto.

But we missed him by seconds. He walked out of the facility that we raided, he walked down the street and blended in with the crowd and we missed him.

"And then he went on CNN and he laughed at us, and he said, 'They'll never get me because Allah will protect me. Allah will protect me.'

"Well, you know what I knew that my God was bigger than his. I knew that my God was a real God, and his was an idol. But I prayed, Lord let us get that man.

"Three days later we went after him again, and this time we got him. Not a mark on him. We got him. We brought him back into our base there and we had a Sea Land container set up to hold prisoners in, and I said put him in there. They put him in there, there was one guard with him. I said search him, they searched him, and then I walked in with no one in there but the guard, and I looked at him and said, 'Are you Osman Atto?' And he said 'Yes.' And I said, 'Mr. Atto, you underestimated our God.'"

[Read the source...]

Background: Lt. Gen. Boykin

Turns out Boykin has had a rather interesting career -- including brushes with assassination operations. Some of the less-covered aspects of his military life include:

In 1980 he was the Delta Force operations officer for Operation Eagle Claw, the disastrous mission to rescue the American hostages in Iran.

In 1992, Boykin -- then a colonel -- was commander of the initial eight-man Delta team sent to Colombia to hunt down Pablo Escobar. This top-secret operation was detailed in Mark Bowden's "Killing Pablo" series of articles published in the Philadelphia Inquirer in 2001.

In 1993, Boykin was one of the military officers who met with then-Atty. Gen Janet Reno to plan the response to the Branch Davidian seige in Waco, TX.

In 1995 he was deputy director of special activities in the U.S. Army Element of the CIA, assigned to the Military Special Projects Group (aka the Special Activities Staff).


Hindsight can be most revealing. It has been a year or more since the "General Boykin Comments" controversy and a few interesting facts now seem emergent. The "Islamist Uprising" has indeed morphed into a worldwide philosophy using terrorism against the West. Islamist thinking links US Policy and Zionism as one and the same, both anthema to Islam. No where do we see Islamic clerics calling for reconcilliation and tolerance for Western, Christian, Jewish ideals. Indeed, there is a burning hatred for Christians and Jews from an exponentially growing Islamo-Fascist movement within nearly all Muslim populations. From their prospective, a Religious War exists today. Proclaimed and Declaired by Osama Bin Laden in his "Delcaration of War on the West", Osama has become a revered and shining figure to be followed.
As much as many would like to condemn Gen Boykin for his closely held beliefs, in wartime, there are few athiests on the frontline. Boykin's view may very well prove to be dead-on correct in fighting a war against zealots.

Posted by: RJ at August 19, 2004 08:49 AM

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