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March 15, 2004

CIA Using Database Codenamed 'Harmony' to Catalog Info from Tortured Captives

America's dirty torture secret (9/10/2003 - The Guardian [UK])

The London Guardian reported in Sept. 2003 that the CIA is using a database codenamed "Harmony" to catalog the responses given by captives taken in the war on terror.

This includes the results of interrogations under torture.

Especially important or recalcitrant captives are "rendered" to foreign countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and Jordan. Members of the intelligence services of these countries then torture the captives, reportedly using techniques including electro-shock, partial drownings, extreme beatings, sleep deprivation, and other practices barred under international treaty and law.

Reportedly, CIA and other US officials do not conduct the actual torture. However, CIA director George Tenet has admitted that his agents are present in order to, in his words, "share the debriefing results."

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