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March 30, 2004

FBI, Customs Stole Declassified Docs From AP in 2003

FBI & Customs Intercepts, Seizes Associated Press Mail (3/15/2003 - Subliminal News)

As reported here previously, in early 2003 the FBI and US Customs secretly "seized" a declassified government report being sent from one Associated Press reporter to another from a Federal Express facility in Indianapolis, IN.

No warrant was ever issued, and the theft of the package was kept secret from FedEx, which was unable to account for its disappearance when queried by AP.

When AP learned what had really happened and broke the story in March last year, an FBI spokesman "said the package included a document containing sensitive information that should not be made public."

In reality, the document was a declassified FBI lab report from 1995 that had been discussed in open court in two legal cases. Nevertheless, the FBI launched
"a thorough investigation on the mishandling of such sensitive information," according to a letter from the Philippine Department of Justice, which the Bureau had asked to assist in the effort.

The AP reporters targetted in the theft had written a series of articles investigating US response to terrorism, including one that had resulted in widespread criticism of the FBI.

The lab report taken by Customs and FBI officials in Indianapolis related to materials seized from a Filipino apartment rented by convicted terrorist Ramzi Yousef. That 1995 raid provided intelligence that allowed US and Philippine authorities to stop a massive terrorist plot, code named Project Bojinka, that bore shocking similarities to the successful 9/11 attacks.

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